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Dental Treatment Fees (2018)

Dental Examination (inc. small radiographs when


Hygienist Appointment


Simple Extraction

from £95 to £150

Surgical Extraction

from £150 to £275

Silver Amalgam Filling

from £90 to £120

Composite (White) Filling

from £90 to £150

Root Canal Treatment

from £150

Gold Crown

from £400

Porcelain (White) Crown

from £450

Porcelain Veneer

from £450

Inlays (Gold/Porcelain/Composite)

from £380


from £450 per unit

Acrylic (plastic) Dentures

from £500

Denture Repairs

from £40

Cobalt Chrome (Metal) Partial Denture

from £600

Tooth Whitening

from £300 both arches

Dental Implants

from £1800

Orthodontics (Braces)

from £1500

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

from £150

All patients on our practice plans MP1 and MP2 will receive a 20% discount from these list prices (excluding Dental Implants, Orthodontics and Anti-Wrinkle Treatment)

All treatment plans are tailored to your individual needs and a full personal quotation will be provided for your information and approval before any treatment commences.

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